David C. Street

April 3, 2024

DOB: 11/30/64 – DOD: 04/07/23

He was a Army Marine with 4 completed combat tours. He served a total of 22yrs 3 days.

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Gavin F. Goodwin

November 29, 2023

DOB: 03/12/02 – DOD: 1/28/21

He grew up on dirt bikes since he was 4. Graduated high school in 2020 as a 3 sport athlete. Hockey was his passion since he was 6, and lacrosse.  He played football for his senior year in high school and was an animal on the field. Life can be so unfair,  He was our only child. 

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Erin Howk

November 29, 2023

DOB: 11/23/2003 – DOD: 04/26/2019

Erin was killed in April of 2019 when a drunk driver smashed into her home at 2 a.m. in the morning killing her while she slept.She was an amazing , kind and beautiful soul.

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Jon Paul Schambacher

November 29, 2023

DOB: 01/27/1991 – DOD: 06/22/2016

Jon was a unique soul, very passionate with art, his love of animals and antiques. Jon was a Keller High School graduate (2009) and was pursuing his dream of becoming an Auctioneer and opening his own resale shop. On January 19th, 2013 Jon and his best friend Amy Anders were leaving a movie theater and were T-boned by a drunk driver. Amy passed away at the scene and Jon survived with a traumatic brain injury. For the next 2 years Jon went to Learningrx in Keller, TX to help his short term memory. He then signed up and pushed himself through auctioneer school and graduated. He then opened up his own resale store in Keller, TX called “New To You” . Jon passed away on 06/22/2016 peacefully in his sleep from undetected sepsis from stepping on a nail. He was survived by myself, (mom), his Dad Paul Schambacher and brother Shawn Schambacher. It is very sad for me to say that we lost his brother Shawn this past August 08/16/2023 from complications of his diabetes. I am strong in my Faith and it gives me great comfort knowing my boys are together and I will be reunited with them again.

Thank you for allowing me to share my boy’s story.

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Amy Lynn Anders

November 29, 2023

DOB: 06/08/1989 – DOD: 01/19/13

Amy Lynn Anders, age 23 and my son Jon Schambacher age 21 were hit by a drunk driver leaving a movie theater on January 19th 2013. Amy, a nursing student was killed immediately, Amy was a loving, smart and caring young woman. She was the oldest of 3 siblings, a graduate of Keller high school (Texas) and on her way to making her dream come true to be a RN. Since the accident Alan McKinney (the driver) is out of jail and has used his experience to be a Public Speaker against drunk driving.

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Michael S Bautista

November 29, 2023

Mike was a hard working and caring man. He enjoyed camping and hiking was always with camera in tow. (Thank god he captured many fond memories). He enjoys playing guitar, riding his 1942 knucklehead. Our 57 pick up and bike help many memories. The kids were 2,3,8 years old at the time. He was an all around great guy, we miss him dearly. He does on occasion let us know he’s watching down on us. Time never eases the pain.

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Eric A. Krueger

November 29, 2023

DOB – 11/15/1974      DOD – 6/30/2022

Eric was our only son. He was killed in a head-on collision in north Houston by a three-time convicted DWI driver. The driver survived the crash and is currently incarcerated in the Harris County Jail, charged with 1st degree Murder. The driver was not a U.S. Citizen and had a previous criminal record in addition to his multiple DWIs. Just 60 days before the crash, he was allowed to remove his car’s breath interlock device. The crash occurred at midday on a weekday when Eric was returning to his office from a business meeting. Eric leaves his wife of 24 years, Ashlee, and two teenage daughters. We are currently working through the court system to seek justice for Eric and put this badass in prison and off the streets.
We are still suffering unending grief, depression, anger, and profound loss over the leader of our family, Eric. He was in the prime of life, a fitness fanatic, and a few weeks away from being named a partner in his company. At 48, his future was bright. Eric loved his family, all sports, and a large number of friends from childhood, high school, college, and business life. As testimony to his friendships, he was honored by having over 1,200 people attend his memorial service.

We miss him terribly every day. 

Sincerely, Mark & Joyce Krueger

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Daniel J Zoellick

August 22, 2023

Daniel J Zoellick

July 19, 1964 – August 14, 2020

Dan was what one would call a gentle giant who enjoyed his friends, family, part-time farm and motorcycle.  He enjoyed spending time with anyone that stopped in his shop to visit and he enjoyed annual trips on his motorcycle with his cousin Craig and Craig’s wife Jen.  It was this motorcycle that Dan was killed on by a drunk driver.  To say he is missed by many is an understatement.

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Javier Velez

August 22, 2023

Name: Javier Velez
Born: July 8th 2015 –  Killed: July 23rd 2023

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Jacob “Jake” Smith

August 22, 2023

Jacob “Jake”Smith. 9-26-1995 to 10-22-2020. Was a New Dad, Son, Brother, and Friend that was taken on his Harley, on his way home from work, too soon by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a four lane highway. Jacob had a contagious smile that could light up a room and make anyone smile and never knew a stranger as he got along with everyone he did meet. He loved his motorcycle and riding, his family and friends, playing his guitar and singing and dancing. He always gave a helping hand when he could. He just loved life. He is missed beyond words due to a drunk driver. But his memory rides on in our hearts FOREVER 25

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Alexander Pina

July 25, 2023

My name is Alvaro Pina. When I was 6 years old, I told my parents that I was going to have a brother as a gift for my birthday. My parents laughed it off because they didn’t plan on having another child. Sure enough, on my 8th birthday, my brother Alexander Pina was born. It may have been sheer luck, a solid prediction, or a miracle but it actually happened.
We celebrated our birthday for 27 years together. Unfortunately, we won’t get the opportunity to celebrate it together again. On July 18, 2020 at around 1 am, I received the dreadful phone call that my brother was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. He was hit head on by a driver. The driver and passenger of the car left the scene facing no criminal repercussions. I will never forget the way my brothers and I held my mother from collapsing over my brother, how the mother of his children sat with her head in her hands in disbelief or how his toddler daughter the next day picked up a phone that wasn’t ringing and said “Dada, it’s alright.” Every year we celebrate and honor Alex, he will never be forgotten.
May his soul rest in heavenly peace ?? Alexander Pina 1992-2020

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Christopher J. Ryea

July 13, 2023

Christopher J. Ryea
April 6, 1970 – May 11, 2023

From a young age Chris was fascinated with things that went fast, from snowmobiles, to dirtbikes, to motorcycles. He was a devoted family man and considered all of his close friends part of his family. He leaves behind his children, grandchildren, Mother and siblings.
Chris will be remembered for his kind heart, his unwavering love for his family, and his exceptional skill as a craftsman.

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Dewitt Peake

April 17, 2023

November 3,1956 – January 11,2013

This is my Brother, He was killed by a drunk driver on his way to work at 4:30 a.m. He was on his Motorcycle and had all of his gear on. He was a volunteer firefighter for 30+ years. He was a deacon, children’s leader at church and volunteered to coach children’s ball. My brother left behind a wife, five kids and 3 grandchildren. He left behind his mom and four sisters. He was the oldest. His memory will forever live on! So many lives were touched by him!

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Roy Hill

April 17, 2023

October 19th,1952- March 27th, 2022
Our Brother Roy Hill left us on March 27th. He was hit head on by a Drunk Driver. He was a loved brother, friend, Husband and dad.Thoughts and Prayers go out to his Family

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Wayne Mullikin

April 17, 2023

August 6, 1952 – April 16, 2020

On April 16, 2020, my dad and his best friend were out riding their motorcycles. A drunk driver crossed the center line and hit both of their bikes.  My dad’s friend luckily survived after a long stretch in the ICU and losing his leg.  Unfortunately, my dad was killed instantly.  A retired school teacher, my daddy had a booming, infectious laugh and loved life and family. He enjoyed camping, traveling, riding his motorcycle and flying remote control airplanes.  We miss him every day.

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Ethan Cody Blue

April 17, 2023

December 15th, 1993 – September 19th, 2010
Ethan Cody Bleu Was a social Butterfly and had a big heart. He often brought home four-legged strays along with some two-legged ones. He never met a stranger. He was always willing to lend a hand if someone needed help. He loves to make people smile and would yell hello to random people walking down the road as we drove past them. Ethan was a beast on the football field, he had several coaches say he had the talent to go pro one day. 

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Christopher A Malley

April 17, 2023

March 25 1977 – October 11 2022
Today our Son Christopher A. O’Malley can’t blow out his candles on his 46th Birthday. Our Son can’t see his parents Bob and Jennifer O’Malley smile. Chris can’t feel the love from his Wife Jessica O’Malley . No hugs from daughters Abby, Kayla Jada and Kelsi .Chris had a Huge heart, honest heart, loved his family and friends. He could Light up a room no matter where he would go. He is no Longer with us, all due to a three time felony charged DWI person with no license. Chris was run over because the other person ran a stop sign in Summerville SC. Then the guy left him lying there on the ground and ran. We got the call about 8:00 pm Oct 10 2022. His heart took its last beat around 2:30 am October 11 2022. Now we live with an empty Soul and a broken heart because of a person making another bad decision to drive drunk.He was our only child and we are so damn proud of him.

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James “Jimmy” Neufer

April 17, 2023

6/21/82-7/18/20.  Jimmy was known for living life full throttle, as the guy who would help you with anything. People say this about him “ Rough around the edges sure, but I can’t think of many people with a bigger heart than this guy”. He loved the outdoors and some say “Jimmy lived outside”; always camping, hiking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, swimming, spending time at the river lot or being around a bonfire with good friends and telling stories. He was known for dropping in on friends just to say “hi” and see how they were doing. Jimmy truly touched the heart of everyone he met. He is missed everyday by his family, there is not a second that goes by without thinking of him and wishing he was still here.

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Lucy Marie Ramsey

March 23, 2023

February 12,2013 – June 24, 2018 
Lucy was an Energetic Soul who was always doing things to make people laugh and smile. She has a Mother who loved her more than anything, and anyone who saw knew that Lucy absolutely adored her. Her entire family loved her more than anything in the world. She always had a song in her mind and a dance in her feet. Now we know she is dancing and singing with God and the Angels. She will be missed and she will always be loved.Our one and Only Lucy Marie Ramsey.

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Alexis Lee Luna “Lexi”

March 23, 2023

Alexis Lee Luna “Lexi” 
DOB: Sept 17, 2001
DOA: Sept 06, 2021

Alexis was a gifted athlete, daughter and mother. She was highly involved and loved in her community. She touched countless lives during her time with us. Alexis passed 11 days before her 20th birthday. Lexi was an organ donor and saved the lives of 6 individuals. She left behind a 6 month old baby girl named Katalina Lee Torres.

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Cameron M. DiRocco

March 10, 2023

Cameron M. DiRocco, age 16, of Newark, DE passed away tragically in an automobile accident on December 28, 2022 by a drunk driver. His best friend was in the passenger seat and witnessed his friend being ejected from the car. He also crushed his right arm. I can’t imagine the anguish he has been dealing with. Cameron was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew and cousin. He was a Distinguished Honor Roll student at Hodgson Vocational Technical High School in his junior year. Cam enjoyed playing football and basketball as well as working out with his buddies at the gym. He was a diligent worker and was always willing to help others. Cam was an avid Philadelphia Sports fan. He loved traveling to Disney World and Boston. He also really loved family gatherings. Cameron will be deeply missed by his family, girlfriend and friend

December 29 2005-December 28 2022

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Quintin Weigle

March 1, 2023

We lost our best friend to a drunk driver. Quintin Weigle Thank you for being an amazing person, For everything you taught Brice from fishing to patience. Thank you for treating Alyssa like your sister and making sure she always had a ride home from school. I don’t know what it’s going to be like to not see that big beautiful smile and hear you brag about that you finally beat me with a citation fish!!!! You were like a son to me!! and I know one thing for sure you truly are one of a kind. The love you had for fishing and hunting made you work even harder. When we moved next door I was so worried about the kids making new friends and boy did you ever do that!!! You made a very special friend with Brice and so many. However you impacted Brice’s life just when he needed it. I’m so grateful. We’re going to miss you. To the Weigle family we are praying for all of you and there are just no words except that we love you guys and thank you for creating such a wonderful beautiful young man that our family and many others that were so close to Quinton

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Ira Mays

February 27, 2023

In memory of my Dad who died while riding his motorcycle and hit by a car driven by a man who was intoxicated and driving on the wrong side of the road. He was a loving Dad who worked hard to support his wife and 6 children. He was only 46 years old. He loved motorcycles, horses, and TV & radio repair. His name is Ira Mays, born April 1926- date of accident is October 8,1972, in Bristol Virginia.

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Ty Roberts

February 19, 2023

Ty Roberts was  born in April 1981. Ty was killed senselessly on 9/4/21 by a drunk driver who 6 weeks before was convicted of a DUI. His mother, Lauri Roberts, says that “Ty was adored and a remarkably fun guy.” 

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John Wesley Bolin

July 30, 2020

John Wesley Bolin was hit and killed by a drunk driver (repeat offender of 5x) on July 2, 2020. He was hit on his Harley & just the love he had for his bike and family was just so much.  – Chelsea Perryman, daughter

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Tanner Woolley

June 15, 2020

Tanner was only 16 years old when he was taken by a drunk driver, but from 2 years old motorcycles were his passion, he rode a motorcycle before a bicycle. I know when he was taken from us he was doing something that he absolutely loved. He had dreams of joining the service and becoming a pilot, and he volunteered a lot at the local senior center where he lived. He was loved by so many in the community and is missed daily.

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William Bruce Tompkins

May 26, 2020

William Bruce Tompkins was killed at 22 years old by a drunk driver in Tempe, AZ, in 2011.

Will was the only survivor of a tragic vehicle accident when he was just a child: his mother was driving him from their remote ranch home to school in Torrington, WY one wintry morning, lost control of her vehicle, rolled the car into the roadside ditch, was partially ejected with the roof landing on her head, and she died on scene, with Will, trapped in the wreckage, watching her face as she passed. Her last words were, “I love you…”.

Most children would have never recovered from such a loss: with his father’s help, Will matured into one of the finest young men I’ve ever had the honor to know.

Following a family move to Tempe, AZ, and graduation from high school, Will enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Nearing completion of Basic Recruit Training at MCRD San Diego, Will contracted a rare viral disease; after over a week of forcing himself to endure increasing debilities while still continuing the grueling training regimen, one morning he was found comatose in his bunk at reveille, and transported to Base Medical, and was graduated, “pinned”, and declared a Marine, while still in ICU, by the unanimous decision of his platoon’s training NCOs.

After recovering, Will was declared medically unfit to continue as a Marine, received an honorable medical discharge, much to his displeasure. Returning home to Tempe, he found employment, and soon enrolled in college.

Will was a very active member of a local Tempe motorcycle club. He loved riding with the club, camping, and four-wheeling with his family, and loved his Lord.

One day, after helping his dad install a new washer and dryer, he hopped on his bike and headed to afternoon classes, and never made it.

On the way to school, on a busy 5-lane boulevard, a drunk driver failed to yield to opposing traffic before beginning a left turn, striking Will with such force his full-coverage helmet was blown completely off his head. Arriving EMS found him comatose on scene; he never regained consciousness.

After a few days of decreasing brain activity, hospital staff informed my nephew it was time to consider disconnecting comprehensive life-support, and allowing Will to pass, leaving his father with the unimaginable dilemma of allowing his one son, his sole surviving legacy of that first tragic loss so many years ago, to die.

Rest in Peace, Will. We who knew you, remember.

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Isaac Oldham

September 16, 2019

Isaac of Beech Grove, Indiana was 18 years old. He’d graduated high school in may 2019. He bought himself a brand new Kawasaki motorcycle with his own money shortly before he graduated. He rode that thing everywhere. He loved to ride. He was coming home about 8p Thursday September 26 when he was hit by a drunk driver who ran a 4 way stop. He died at the scene. He was an amazing young man. Incredibly smart. Funny. Quick-witted and with a work ethic not often seen in boys his age these days. He had his life neatly mapped out in a notebook and he was checking off goals each day.

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Zach Kane

April 8, 2017

Avid motorcycle rider, son and brother lost his life to a DUI driver April 8, 2017 exactly three years to the day his mother passed. Zach was an organ donor and his selfless gifts of life saved five people. The doctors were able to use his heart, one lung, live and both kidneys. He will live on in others.

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Raymond R. Welchert

June 11, 2016

Survived by wife, Karen; sons, Travis and Trevor; daughter, Rachel. My husband and I were avid motorcyclists. Ray, having many more years experience than I, really helped me to get started. He helped me to purchase a 2000 Indian Chief which was my dream bike! Ray built and painted bikes too. He was in the process of building a CAT bike with a diesel engine.

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Kendra Gonzalez

April 25, 2015

Kendra and her friend were driving down highway 20 in oklahoma at night. When Derlin Lara an illegal immigrant driving drunk down the wrong way on the highway hit my daughter friends car head on, killing her instantly. They said my daughter saved her friends live, due to the fact for some reason my daughter decided she would drive her friends car instead of her friend. The car hit more on the driver front in due to my daughter trying to swerve out of the way.that happened at 11:15 on April 25, 2015. That is the night part of me died with her. This man took everything away from me.

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David C. Snowden

February 23, 2015

David was almost 6 years sober and learning how to live life again. He left this earth way too soon.  He will be missed by his family and many friends. His legacy will be carried on by his niece and nephew who will always be thankful for their uncles generosity.

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Andrew Trudeau

September 20, 2013

My name is Ray Trudeau. We live near Kingston Ont. My 15 year old son Andrew was killed by a drunk driver(4th time offender BOC of almost 3.0) while walking along a roadside with three of his friends on Oct04/03. His three friends survived with multiple injuries. We have been very active in raising awareness in this community involving a $ 300,000 media campaign with local TV, radio and newspaper. We have recently launched a petition asking for mandatory minimum sentences. It would be a great help and an honour to have some of your members sign. Andrew was very much into ATV’s and was looking forward to getting his first motorcycle as his first means of transportation. I think it is only fitting that your organization be a part of Andrew’s legacy. I would also like to include a link to your web site in ours ( & when the sites are finished if that is possible. I have been an avid rider for 25 years I truly respect what you guys are doing! I will be organizing talks at local schools in the future and would be interested in having you organization represented. I am including an attachment of the petition, as well as a picture of the billboard we have put up.Your help is very much appreciated. If I can be of any help to your organization here please let me know. Sincerely, Ray Trudeau 1732 Sunbury Rd. RR#2 Inverary Ont. Can. K0H1XO 613-387-9970 e-mail ;

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John Regan

September 7, 2013

BADD’s telephone marketing director was killed by a drunk driver near Coral Gables Florida this morning on his way to a veterans charity event. Jack was a longtime rider who loved life and helping people. He founded Service Dogs and Warriors Inc., whose mission is to provide independence and improved quality of life to our nation’s veterans by raising, training, and placing service dogs with injured or disabled military veterans who have served honorably in the United States Armed Forces. Jack will be greatly missed He is survived by his wife Debbie

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Jeremy Phillips

May 20, 2012

My son was killed by a person impaired while he was riding his motorcycle on May 20, 2012. We requested that donations be made in his memory to BADD. We would like to send thank you notes if there are any donations made.

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Jason Dale Strickland

March 25, 2012

He was the father to seven children, an EMT, volunteer fireman, and a loving husband. Mr. Strickland was on his way home from Grady, where he was employed as an EMT, when he was struck from behind and thrown from his motorcycle.

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Bryan Buchanan

March 3, 2012

Bryan was President of BADD from 2003 – 2009 and was instrumental in the growth of the charity. He had no problem working a 12 hour day and then spending hours at a local bar talking bikers into grabbing a taxi instead of riding drunk. He will be greatly missed

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Matthew Deller

October 27, 2011

On Octobert 22, 2011, I am sure that some of you have heard this from your Canadian Chapter, 4 teenages from 15 to 16 were killed in Grand Prairie Alberta, a 5th clung to life. Vincent Stover 16, Walter Borden Wilkens 15, Tanner Hildenbrant 15 and Matthew Deller 16 were killed, I can only pray, on impact. Matthew was my son and on that very day, everything in my world changed. On June 8th there is a Rally in Red Deer Alberta that is called Stop The Carnage, bringing to light the bullcrap sentences that are given to drunk drivers in Canada

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Robert Schneider

October 20, 2011


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Deanna Searles

August 23, 2011

Deanna Searles, 46, of Plainwell, was driving a 2003 Harley Davidson in the 37000 block of County Road 388 at about 5:30 p.m. when she was struck by a 1996 Ford Econoline van, the Van Buren County Sheriff”s Office said in a news release.

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Brandon John Christiano

June 30, 2010

Saturday, February 23, 1985 to Saturday, July 30, 2011 Devoted Son Devoted Friend Devoted Rider A beautiful smile, a beautiful soul Taken too soon – just 26 years old. He had an unparalleled bond with his mother. He loved and respected her like no other. He had an eternal alliance with an amazing group of friends. The stories they continue to tell ensure his legacy will never end. Memories of precious times we hope will get us by With the wings of an angel, he now rides a bike in the sky. Loved ones pray for strength as each new day starts. He will forever be remembered in all of our hearts.

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Bruce Mondragon

April 22, 2010
  Mondragon, Bruce D. – Age 25 – Medanales, New Mexico – Apr 22, 2010 

Bruce D. Mondragon, age 25 of Medanales, was called home on Thursday, April 22, 2010 following injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.  He was preceded in death by his maternal grandfather, Alfonso Cordova Sr.; paternal step-grandfathers, Freddy Cata and Juan Mondragon; brother-in-law, Kevin Martinez.  He is survived by his wife and best friend, Edwina Mondragon; his two handsom sons, Juanito and Santiago Mondragon; his beautiful baby girl, Esperanza Mondragon; mother, Sandra Cordova; grandmother, Sara Vega; grandpa, Alberto Vega; grandma, Dolores Cata; father, Waldy Mondragon and wife Shirley; mother and father-in-law (mom and dad) Jimmy and Percinia War; brothers, Waldy Mondragon Jr. and wife Victoria and Joshua Mondragon; sisters, Jolene Martinez and companion Allen Romero and Felicia Mondragon; sister-in-law, Vanessa War and companion Jose Dominguez; brother-in-law, Antonio War; Godson, Jayden Romero and Goddaughter, Katalyna Dominguez; baptismal Godparents, Elsie and Bobby Martinez; confirmation Godfather, Jimmy War; nieces, Luzia and Katalyna Dominguez and nephews, Kevin Martinez Jr. and Jayden Romero.  Bruce also had numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, all who loved him very much.  Bruce Mondragon was a very proud man and everything he did in his life was done whole heartedly.  He touched many hearts and graced all of our lives with many special memories; He will be greatly missed.  Cremation arrangements have taken place.  Funeral arrangements are pending.  Please call the funeral home for further information regarding services. A memorial fund has been set up for the children of Bruce Mondragon in the name “God Bless You” at the Los Alamos National Bank.  The family of Bruce D. Mondragon has placed their trust in DeVargas Funeral Home & Crematory of the Espanola Valley.

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Ken Klein

April 16, 2010

On 4/16/2010, my best friend was killed by a drunk driver in Fresno, California. Ironically, he is a drug and alcohol counselor by trade. His name is Ken Klein and I would like to promote a memorial run for him in his honor. I would love to get your organization involved.

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Johnny Holmes, Trish Breyton, Billy Barker and Patricia

March 13, 2010

Authorities have identified the names of the four motorcyclists killed following a collision on a central Florida road. The Florida Highway Patrol says the victims were killed Saturday night in Bushnell after leaving a gathering with friends when their bikes were struck head-on by a truck trying to pass another vehicle. Killed were 54-year-old William Barker; his passenger, 55-year-old Patrice Poole; 55-year-old John Holmes; Patricia Beihayn his passenger, 52-year-old .

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John Andrew Hall

January 7, 2010

I am the only sister to John A. Hall, formerly of Columbus, Mississippi. On July 1, 2010 my brother was on his motorcycle traveling down Highway 45 North in Columbus, Ms. He’d been shopping and was going home when a drunk illegal alien, Julian A. Lopez, turned in front of him killing him instantly. Lopez was given a breathalizer test at the scene, which gave a reading of .227%. Mississippi’s legal limit is .08%. Lopez suffered no injuries and was arrested for felony manslaughter and misdemeanor charges for no drivers liscense or insurance. It is rumored that this man killed a person in a similar accident in Texas, was deported, and then returned to the U.S. Now he has killed again. Please, in honor of my brother, John Hall, his 3 minor children, my parents, and myself, help us to show that my brother is not just a number on some docket in court. He was a loving father, brother, son, dependable coworker, trusted friend, and the love of someone’s life. My brother’s death could have been prevented. Please help us in our 3 fold cause for awareness of motorcycles while traveling, informing others of the growing problems our country has as the number of illegal aliens continues to rise, and what can happen when you drink and drive. The story of my brother’s accident was covered briefly in the Columbus Packet newspaper and the Columbus Dispatch newspaper. —————————————————————– A Columbus man was killed Thursday evening when a drunk driver struck his motorcycle on Highway 45 North, police said. John Andrew Hall, 38, of 3174 Highway 45 North in Columbus, was driving north on Highway 45 at the 31st Avenue intersection around 6:30 p.m. when Julian Alvarez Lopez, 34, of 2306 Bittersweet Drive in Columbus, who was southbound on Highway 45, turned left onto 31st Avenue and into Hall’s path. Hall’s motorcycle struck Lopez’s 2004 Dodge Stratus, causing Hall major head and chest trauma which resulted in his death. Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant said Hall was wearing a helmet. He was pronounced dead at 6:55 p.m. at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle. Lopez was administered a Breathalyzer test at the scene of the accident and registered a .227 percent breath content, according to Columbus Police Lt. Terrie Songer. Mississippi’s legal limit is .08 percent. Police said Lopez refused further breath tests. Police sent a blood sample to the Mississippi Crime Lab in Jackson for testing. Lopez suffered no injuries, police said. Lopez was arrested for felony vehicular manslaughter, and misdemeanor charges of driving with no license and no insurance. Bond for Lopez, who was still in custody this morning, has not yet been set.

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Steve Muller

October 17, 2009

We would like to donate $50.00 to BADD in memory of Steve Muller who passed away Oct 17th 2009 The Knikerbocker Family (Jessica,Rich,Shirley,Brad and Maeve)

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Wayne Francis

October 17, 2009

SAN DIEGO – The mother of a Cape Cod fisherman killed in Carlsbad by a suspected drunken driver traveled to the West Coast this week to attend the driver’s arraignment and to then carry her son’s ashes back home. “I can’t tell you enough what a wonderful guy he was. He would give you his last dollar,” Frances Francis said of her son Wayne Francis, 42, who was struck while on a cross country motorcycle trip with lifelong friend Ernie Largey, both of Eastham, Mass. The men were stopped on their motorcycles at a traffic light on northbound Carlsbad Boulevard at Island Way when he was killed about 1:20 a.m. Oct. 10. The pair had just arrived in Southern California after traveling through Las Vegas and had earlier visited Oceanside before checking into a Carlsbad hotel and going to dinner. The men were sitting on their bikes commenting to each other about the weather on that balmy clear night when a black Mercedes appeared, Largey told his friend’s family. “All he heard was an explosion,” Francis said. Wayne Francis was struck from behind and thrown from his bike and died on the street. Largey told the family it appeared to him that the car was traveling at an excessive speed. He said there was no sign of braking. Carlsbad police arrested Keith Roles, 51, of Poway and charged him with vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon in Vista Superior Court. Francis was born and raised in Eastham, which is a small community on the tip of Cape Cod, and his family roots can be traced to the Mayflower, Francis said. A commercial fisherman, he skippered his father’s boats as well as others, and was well known as a chef. “He was a fabulous, fabulous cook,” his mother said. “I don’t know what we are going to do this Christmas dinner.” Francis and Largey had left on their trip Oct. 3 and had no particular itinerary. They stopped in small towns and local festivals and were just having a great time talking with and meeting people across the country, Francis said. Largey told his friend’s mother that they visited several places that Francis had seen while on a trip with his mother, brother and sister in the ’80s and had been recounting those days. She said it made her happy to think that her son had been thinking about her. Francis’ father, sister and brother have also come to the West Coast and the family hopes to retrace his steps and see where he was before he was killed. “We brought some sand from Cape Cod to sprinkle in the Pacific Ocean,” Francis said. Francis said the family will go home after Roles appears in court and will hold a memorial Oct. 25 in their town, which has a winter population of only about 3,000 people. They plan on returning, though, to be in court if Roles goes to trial. “We’ll be there for everything that happens,” she said.

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Eric F Maron (Ric)

August 9, 2009

He was born on 2/8/1966 and died 9/8/09, he was an amazing husband, father and my best friend, we always came first and then his passion for his bike, he had just finished building this bike that he was killed on and he was very proud of it, it was his first build. He was already planning his second build. He was an auto mechanic for 20 years at the same location and very well respected in his community. That is how he got killed on his way to work at 7:22am and the monster that killed him was almost 3 times the legal limit and he hit Ric from behind and dragged him 180-200ft before he stopped. The guy also had an 8 year child in the car (taking her to school) and then he fled the scene with the child, their were many witnesses. I have chosen not to read the crash report, by the lead investigators recommendation who was my husbands friend for over 10 years. Also come to find out after the arrest that he had warrants out for his arrest in Maryland for DUI causing bodily injury and now he has done it again and killed this time!!!

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Joseph and Thomas Occhiogrosso

August 7, 2009

The two brothers died on Thursday, four days after they were struck and killed on Hempstead Turnpike early Sunday morning by a BMW driven by a Garden City man who was charged with drunken driving. Most family members and friends were too choked up with emotion to speak as they visited a makeshift memorial of flowers and photos at the crash site earlier this week. Some of them attended the Monday morning arraignment of James Farr, 33, on two counts of vehicular manslaughter and one count of DWI. Police said that Farr hit the two pedestrians while driving drunk in his 2005 BMW at about 4:15 a.m. on Sunday. “He took my brothers,” Paul Occhiogrosso said to reporters outside the courtroom. Joseph and Thomas Occhiogrosso were struck in the center westbound lane of the turnpike, just east of the intersection of Conti Square Boulevard, as they crossed the street from north to south, detectives said. Joseph, 28, of East Meadow, was transported to the Nassau University Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries at about 5:58 a.m. Thomas, 27, who grew up in East Meadow and lived in Riverhead, was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Farr, a staff sergeant in the communications bureau of the 1st Marine Corps Division in Garden City, was held without bail by Judge Donald Birnbaum at the arraignment in Hempstead. Farr, who served three tours in Iraq, pleaded not guilty and was due back in court on Wednesday. According to police, each count of manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. Police said that Farr had a preliminary blood alcohol content reading of 0.21 percent. The legal limit in Nassau County is .08 percent. As the Herald went to press, results from an additional blood test had yet to be released. Farr’s attorney, Marvin Kirsch, reportedly said that the brothers “darted out of nowhere,” making it difficult for his client to avoid hitting them. At press time, police had not yet stated how fast Farr was driving or where he and the victims were coming from or going at the time of the accident. Detective Lt. John Azzata, commanding officer of the Nassau County Police Homicide Squad, said on Monday that an investigation should answer those questions, and the charges against Farr could change. “We are continuing our investigation,” Azzata said. “As that investigation continues, the charges that were previously described may be upgraded due to circumstances that we uncover.” Detectives request that anyone with information about the incident contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 244-TIPS. All call will remain anonymous, they said. Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey noted that recent efforts by police and county officials to combat drunken driving, including a demonstration at Nassau Community College last week, have led to more arrests, but have not ended alcohol-related accidents. “Despite all of that notoriety, we continue to have these tragedies,” Mulvey said. “We don’t have an answer to why this continues.” Hempstead Turnpike was closed to traffic in both directions for several hours following the incident, but reopened at around 11 a.m. Joseph Occhiogrosso, a plumber, was known for taking care of his elderly grandmother in her East Meadow home. Thomas, who was known by many as T.J., was an inactive reservist in the U.S. Navy who served two tours in Iraq. He was also a former member of the East Meadow Fire Department before he moved to Riverhead, where he lived with his wife, Erin, and daughter, Cecilia. Thomas and Joseph were the sons of Jeanne and the late Angelo Occhiogrosso; the brothers of Paul (Margaret Carey) Occhiogrosso, Annmarie Karazia (Charles) and Anthony Occhiogrosso; uncles of Isabella and Madeleine Karazia; and grandsons of Mary Occhiogrosso and Anna Sullivan. The Occhiogrosso family planned to receive friends at the Charles J. O’Shea Funeral Home in East Meadow on Tuesday and Wednesday. A Mass was scheduled for Thursday at 10 a.m. at St. Brigid R.C. Church at 75 Post Avenue in Westbury. According to a Facebook group, “In Memory of T.J. and Joe Occhiogrosso,” created by friends and family, a memorial fund for Thomas’s daughter is being arranged by Margaret and Paul Occhiogrosso.

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Bruce Rossmeyer

July 30, 2009

A great man and supporter to the charity. He will be greatly missed

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Tony ” Tony Q” Quasarano

July 15, 2009

The Van Buren Township man who crashed his car into a popular motorcyclist is set to stand trial for his death in October. Michigan – William Floyd Craner, 45, was arraigned Monday on charges of second-degree murder, first-degree fleeing and eluding police, manslaughter with a motor vehicle and operating a vehicle while intoxicated and causing a death in the July 15 death of Tony Quasarano, 46, of Romulus. Craner will appear in court again for a final conference Sept. 11. His trial is scheduled to start Oct. 11. Although he told a group of Quasarano’s fellow bikers, at Craner’s preliminary exam, that the case probably wouldn’t make it to trial, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Moran said he’s unsure if Craner will go for a plea. “That’s up to him,” he said. Craner, whose blood-alcohol level was 0.19 – more than double the legal limit of 0.08 – struck Quasarano on Michigan Avenue near Haggerty Road as he attempted to flee police after running into another vehicle. The two-mile police pursuit ended when Craner hit Quasarano, who was riding alongside three other bikers, including his wife, Cindy. Quasarano, affectionately known as “Tony Q” was thrown from his Harley Davidson and died. Craner was not seriously injured. If convicted of the second-degree murder charge, he could get life in prison. Craner has two previous misdemeanors for drunken driving that happened more than 10 years ago. Source: Hometown Life Tony “Tony Q” Quasarano 05/05/1961 – 07/15/2007 Motor City HOG Road Captain Member since March 2001 My mom and two of our friends were present when the accident happened. We miss him dearly.

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George Borey

June 22, 2009

George is survived by his three sons, Jonathan Borey of Sutton, Jameson and Michael Borey of Northborough and their mother Mary Borey; his fiancé, with whom he lived, Carol McGee of Peabody; his mother, Carmella (Parisi) Borey of Newton; his brother, Henry L. Borey, Jr. of Newton; four sisters, Suzanne Baker of Seffner, FL, Jeanette Beigh of Brockton, Nancy Devoe of Waltham and Brenda Collins of New Market, NH; as well as countless friends and family members. Born in Waltham and raised in Newton, he was the son of the late Henry L. Borey; Sr. George has been a resident of Northborough for 22 years. George was a veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force. George graduated from North Newton High School in 1971. He graduated from Western New England College with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice in 1977. George is a retired Massachusetts State Trooper who worked with Troop C serving the Metro- west Area for 25 years. Following his retirement from the Sate Police, George embarked on endless business ventures. He ran the Northborough Country Store. He also restored the John Stone House located at 10 Church Street in Northborough. George worked for the Central Mass. Safety Council in Northborough as a driving instructor. He most recently opened his own hot dog truck, Hanko’s Wild Hot Dogs, servicing the North Shore area. He was an avid Harley Motorcyclist. He loved antiquing, auctions and dreamed of running his own flea market one day. George was a true family man who loved his family and especially his three sons. A funeral Mass will be held Monday, June 29, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in St. Rose of Lima Church, 266 West Main Street, Northborough. Burial will follow in Howard Street Cemetery. Calling hours will be held Sunday, June 28, 2009 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Hays Funeral Home, 56 Main Street (Rte. 20) Northborough. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial donations be made to: BADD (Bikers Against Drunk Driving), 1637 North US Highway 1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 John & Nancy Gallello of Needham, MA $25.00 Gail & Stephanie Welik of Southborogh, MA $25.00 Jay, Nancy, & Matt Spitulnik of Northborogh, MA Harry Spitulnik of Waltham, MA Alyssa Spitulnik of Arlington, VA $100.00 Margareta Berg of Worcester, MA $25.00 Linda M Decoste of Tamarac, FL $25.00 Jane F. Windecker & Kathy M Guerrera of Tamarac, FL $25.00 Janet J Harris of Needham, MA $50.00 Joseph & Nancy Sheridan-Mullen $50.00 Joyce Bertolami 50.00

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Kenny Temple

May 15, 2009

On may 15 2009 at 10:10 pm in Myrtle Beach for bike week my brother (sgt@arms urrmc) was murdered by a 60 year old woman Donna Sheedy DUI,she hit my brother head on,he died on the scene,leaving behind many brothers,his wife,4 children.

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Rocky and Anna Hunter

October 19, 2008

We are the family of Rocky Hunter of Bunnell,FL. Rocky and Anna (wife) were killed last Sunday on US441 near Eatonton, GA. Rocky worked for UPS for 25 years and was a safe motorcyclist with, I’m sure, a million miles under his belt. They were hit head on by a young male suspected of drunk driving at 0900 on Oct 19th. Donations received in their memory Greg and Andrea Robertson 100.00, Thomas and Jennifer Weber 100.00, Mitchel and Pamela Henry 100.00. Robert and Mary Bodner 20.00 Flagler County Property Appraiser’s Office 40.00 Michael and Michelle Morgan 40.00 Bertha Forsyth and her four daughters Paula, Connie, Sherry and Pamela 100.00 Performance Designs, Inc. 250.00 Crescent City Farm Supply 25.00 Karen and Peter Schimpf 50.00 George C. Antonopoulos 50.00 A memorial to the victims was placed on BADD’s Billboard on I-95 with the funds raised.

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Howard Gross

September 18, 2008

On Sept. 18, my son-in-law, Howard Gross, was killed by a 19 year old on heroine, marijuana, and two prescription drugs at 8:30 am. A witness was on the cell to 911 telling them of this erratic driver going off the road on the other oncoming side when he hit Howie just coming up over a hill outside of Pittsburgh while on the way to work. My daughter was just barely 3 months pregnant with their first baby, Howie, who was born Apr. 10.

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Jesse Sutphin

August 12, 2008

My son was killed by a drunk driver on Aug 12, 2008..just 4 days away from his 19th birthday.Mr. Stockwell was traveling in a jeep cherokee on Naomi Rd in Randleman nc at a high rate of speed..he topped the hill sideways and slammed into my son who was going around 45mph on his year old harley davidson bike. He was ejected from his bike and killed instantly..a tragic outcome. Stockwell has a long history of driving without license, no insurance, dui, speeding, reckless driving to endanger, etc..He has just been cut loose too many fact he was on probation for driving with license revoked when he carelessly hit and killed my son

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Jeffrey L. Bondy

August 10, 2008

Jeff had many passions. The strongest was the love for his wife Kelley and his children. If you ever met Jeff, he left NO doubt that his family came first. I often marveled at the intensity of his love and to the extent he would go, to demonstrate at every opportunity just how much he loved his kids. Jeff had a genuine passion for life itself. He was the life of the party. Always ready with some quick comment to draw a laugh. No matter where he was or what the situation, he would look for the humor. He loved flying so much that he went to college for aviation and then worked in Field Operations at O’Hare International airport. He loved the work he did. He loved to cook. He would go to great lengths to make sure there was a feast at every event. Jeff lived life on his terms. Since he was able to walk I can remember he would never compromise. Whether he agreed with you or disagreed, you knew it. He was the baby brother that always wanted to be included. Always wanting to keep up with his older brothers. This drove Jeff to try things way beyond his youthful abilities. In some ways it helped define that “can do” attitude he carried with him. As we both became men I developed a bond with him that seemed to intensify each time we were together. He was a joy to be around. His passion for life was infectious. There was never a dull moment when he joined the gathering. How I enjoyed spending time with Jeff. I am so very proud to have had him for a brother. Jeff was one of a kind and we were all blessed to have him in our lives for as long as we did. He was taken from us much too soon. I will miss him dearly for the rest of my life. We would like to thank everyone who has expressed his or her love and concern for Jeff, Kelley, Jennifer and J.T. On behalf of the Bondy family we would like to thank each and everyone for your outpouring of care. It has helped us through a very difficult time. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and comments to the memory book.

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Ronnie Church

January 7, 2008

My Uncle, Ronnie Church was killed on his motorcycle sitting still in a left turn lane, at a red light, by a drunk driver on January 07, 2008. The drunk driver had two DUI’s pending and had just received his drivers liscense back a few days before the accident. My uncle left behind a wife and two boys ages 13 and 19. Naturally my family and I want justice to be served against this drunk driver, and we ask for any help we can get from your organization. We would appreciate any information that you could send us. Thank You, Jessica Crawford

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Graham Green

November 27, 2007

Taken last Sunday by a drunk driver. It is our sad duty to inform you that Graham Green, our drummer and good friend for the past year, died of injuries from a collision with a drunk driver on Sunday, November 18, 2007. Graham would have been 42 on November 23rd. The band was scheduled to perform at Java Joe’s on Saturday, December 1st. Instead, another band will take their spot, and the night will be dedicated to Graham. All proceeds will go to BADD. The drunk driver who caused the crash fled the scene, and was later arrested. He posted bond on November 20th. He was Vice President, Western Sales for Cannonball Wine Company, had been riding for over 20 years, married for 14 and will be missed by family and by friends who were like family to him. Here’s a picture of Graham in happier times. You can find an article about the upcoming benefit in the O.C. Register by clicking Here Family and friends are making contributions to: Bikers Against Drunk Drivers – B.A.D.D. BADD World Headquarters 2665 N. Atlantic Ave.#126 Daytona Beach Florida 32118 514-826-6269

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Cpl. Matthew Kline “Biff” Piazza

August 18, 2007

Age 24, engaged, working at Sucker Punch Sally’s in Phoenix, AZ, and going to Harley Davidson mechanics school at night. Biff served two tours in Iraq. He loved riding and just purchase a new bike. He’d been out of the Corps for about two years, when he was killed on 18 Aug 07 by a drunk driver.

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MGySgt Nicholas J. Formosa, USMC

July 27, 2007

stationed at 29 Palms Marine Corps Base, age 55, father of three children, friend to thousands, American Hero who survived three wars (Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq) killed by drunk driver (Justin M. Prather, 35) on 27 July 07.

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Harold Jerew

March 8, 2007

My father Harold Jerew was out for a ride on his Harley which he had only 7 days. While riding down a back road not even 10 minutes from home he was hit head on and killed by an impaired driver. On that day I decided I wanted his story to be heard, I can remember being a little kid not even 6 years old and my dad always riding me up and down the street on his motorcycle. He loved motorcycles, things were always tough and he was never able to by a brand new one but he always insisted that one day he would. The day my dad bought his bike I had never seen him happier he was like a kid with a new toy i’m sure his smile could be seen miles away.. I must say nothing has hurt me more than this happening, It has torn my entire family apart. The guy that killed him was sentenced to 7 years with everything suspended but 4 years and 5 years of supervised probation. To my family and I that’s not enough but I guess our opinions really didn’t matter to the judge. I just want to make some type of difference I think people should think before they get behind the wheel and take the life of someone else. Thank you for taking time out to read this… Thanks, Danielle Jerew-Evans

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Normand J. Audie

September 4, 2006

My name is Chris Lachance and I am sending this e-mail on the behalf of the Normand J. Audie benefit ride. My associates and I are planning the 2nd annual ride for August 18th which is going to be a motorcycle show, barbecue, and is also going to have live music. Normand died labor day weekend in Saco Maine when a drunk driver cut him off coming the opposite way. Norm was only 21 years old who had all ready touched so many peoples lives. When he passed away on September 1st his family and friends came out with so much support that we organized a ride in two weeks. We had about 150 motorcycles with 8 motorcycle cops and for 2 hours not one person had to put their feet down. The head bike cop actually bet us his pay check that we wouldn’t put our feet down. My mother got one of your cards from bike week down in Laconia and said i should get ahold of your association to see if you would be interested in setting up a booth or putting a bike or two into the bike show or even better if you could just get some people to show up for the ride. I’m not exactly sure how you guys work or what you can even do so if you are interested please just send me some information on what you can do and what we need to do on our side. I look forward to talking to you and working with you in the future. Thank you.

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Gerald Morelock

September 4, 2006

ORLANDO, Fla. – A motorcycle shop owner was arrested Monday and charged with drunken driving manslaughter in the traffic death of a biker. William “Billy” Lane, 36, registered a blood alcohol level of 0.192 percent, more than twice the legal driving limit of 0.08. He was also driving with a suspended license for refusing to take an alcohol breath test after a June incident in North Carolina, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Kim Miller said. Lane, attempted to pass two cars Sept. 4 in his 2006 Dodge Ram pickup despite a double-yellow line, Miller said. He struck 56-year-old Gerald Morelock, of Melbourne Beach, on his Yamaha Motorcycle, killing the man at the scene, Miller said. Investigators are still trying to determine how fast Lane was going. Miller said Lane originally refused to submit to alcohol tests this time also, but complied when officers told him the bloodwork could be forcibly taken because the crashed killed someone. “We are currently conducting our own investigation of every aspect of this accident, including the reported blood alcohol level,” said Lane’s attorney Kepler Funk. Accompanied by his attorneys, Lane turned himself in at a Florida Highway Patrol station, Miller said. He was also charged with DUI serious bodily injury and driving on a suspended license involving a death. He was booked into the Brevard County Jail on $15,000 bond. If convicted, Lane faces up to 15 years in prison each for DUI manslaughter and driving on a suspended license in conjunction with a death, both second-degree felonies. Byron Morelock could only smile. He stood at his brother Gerry’s memorial service Sunday at Sebastian Inlet, watching the lively crowd that came to honor his brother. “This is a beautiful thing,” he said. He gestured to the west, where an orange sun slowly dipped to the horizon. “Look at that sun going down. It’s not a bad way to go out.” Gerry Morelock, 56, died on impact Sept. 4 when his moped was hit head-on by a pickup truck driven by well-known motorcycle builder Billy Lane. About 60 people came to Sebastian Inlet bearing food and bringing stories about the man who touched their lives in more ways than one. Gerry Morelock’s best friend for 21 years, Bill Amis of Sebastian, read a eulogy at the service. He called his friend a “warrior-priest,” who suffered through his life but brought joy and peace to others. “The whole basis of the friendship was me helping to heal him,” he said. “But he ended up healing me.” Dave Brewer of Tampa read in the Tampa Tribune about Gerry Morelock’s fatal accident and knew right away this was his old friend from high school. After 20 years apart, he got in touch with the Morelock clan. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Brewer said. Gerry Morelock’s mother, June, couldn’t believe how many people loved her son. “I’m flabbergasted,” she said. “It’s just to me the most unbelievable thing to see all these people.”

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Todd M Stevens

May 24, 2006

My little brother, Todd Stevens, had just turned 31 years of age. He was married, and had six children to provide for. The youngest was only six days old when his daddy was killed while on his way home from WORK! His killer was out and driving while under the influence and ran a stop sign right into Todd’s path. Todd didn’t have a chance. The killer got 5 years and 90 days to our LIFE SENTENCE…. These kids are growing up without their father whom they need and miss desperately! We all miss Todd so very much.

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Colin Mehan

May 12, 2006

While Colin was not killed by a drunk driver,he was training to become a motorcycle mechanic. After researching your organization on the net, it seemed that a donation to your work would be an appropriate way to honor Colin’s memory and , we hope provide some consolation for those who miss him.

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Roger Binette

March 29, 2006

My Big Brother Roger, You will be greatly missed. You were the only man I ever met that could light up a room just by walking in and when someone heard your voice in a crowd it was usually telling a joke. We did some amazing things together and I will never forget You. You were kind and generous and many people took advantage of that kindness and generosity, but every time I brought it to your attention, you would rather forgive and forget instead of creating a confrontation. You treated me like family and taught me many lessons that I use in my daily life. You saved my ass on more occasions than I can remember never asking for anything in return. We shared a common dream and goal that I can only hope to continue……if the guitar gods are willing… are now one of them. Roger,keep a guitar in tune and plugged in for me up there…… I`ll see you soon. Danny Perkins

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Shelly Smothers-Bonney, Daughter Kaylynn, Ray Ruzich

January 25, 2006

Six people – five of them Southern Illinoisans, three of them children – died in a multiple collision that began when a southbound semi bounced off a guard rail in a construction zone just south of Marion. The semi, driven by 52-year-old Jimmy Joe Storm of Union City, Tenn., slid along the concrete wall before crossing the grass and dirt median into the northbound lane, according to a preliminary traffic crash description given by State Trooper Ray Minor. The semi sideswiped another semi-trailer, sending it off the road and into a creek. Then it collided head-on with a third semi-trailer and an extended cab full-size Ford pickup truck. Collision debris closed both sides of the interstate for about a 10-mile stretch and covered a large area around the site. The collision happened at about 6:30 p.m. The physical part of the collision was picked up by Thursday morning, with the southbound lanes open at about 5:15 a.m. and the northbound lanes open at about 9 a.m. The loss to the area caused by the tragic deaths of the occupants of the pickup truck won’t be as easy to scrape together and forget. The driver of the pickup truck, Raymond Ruzich, 43, of West Frankfort, his daughters, Ashley, 11, and Jeseca, 7, of Herrin, his girlfriend, Shelly Smothers-Bonney, 29, of West Frankfort and her daughter, Kaylynn Bonney, 10, of Marion, died Wednesday night when the pickup truck was caught in the semi-trailer wreckage. “There is absolute, total sadness on the part of the faculty and the children,” said Monsignor Kenneth Schaefer of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Herrin, where the Ruzich girls attended school. “We all came to Mass this morning and prayed for the family.” Schaefer said those wishing to contribute to the family can do so through the school if they wish. Williamson County Coroner Mike “Junior” Burke said Raymond and Ashley Ruzich and Shelley Smothers-Bonney died immediately in the collision. Jeseca Ruzich and Kaylynn Bonney were taken to Heartland Regional Medical Center. Both were to be helicoptered to St. Louis area hospitals. Kaylynn died in the Heartland emergency room as the helicopter waited for her to board. Jeseca died at Washington County Hospital emergency room in Nashville, where the helicopter was forced to land because of Jessica’s medical complications. Storm was also taken to Heartland, where he, too, died in the emergency room. The other two semi drivers were treated at Heartland, and both have since been released. “This was easily the most tragic traffic crash I’ve ever seen,” State Police Capt. Scott Rice, District 13 commander, said at a press conference Thursday morning. He said no known weather or unusual traffic conditions seem to have contributed to the tragic wreck. CB traffic seems to indicate Storm may have been driving erratically before the accident, Rice said. He stressed the traffic crash reconstruction and investigation are in early stages. It is not even known at this point – and Rice said it may never be known – how fast Storm’s rig was traveling. Other factors, such as seat belt usage, are still under investigation as well. Illinois Department of Transportation Operations Engineer Greg Smothers said all traffic control and safety devices were in place and in full compliance with the law. The lanes in the construction zone are 11 feet wide, he said. There is a slight shift in lanes near the collision site. The posted speed limit is 55 miles per hour when no workers are present. Smothers said most construction work has been done at night to avoid hampering traffic. Workers were preparing to go to the site when the collision occurred. Burke said an autopsy was performed on Storm Thursday afternoon. While there is no immediate evidence that Storm was driving under the influence of alcohol, Burke said his office would be “pretty hush-hush” about conclusions until all pathology reports are complete.

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Paul Craig

November 23, 2005

In memory of our former co-worker At Pfizer Animal Health. He loved animals, riding his motorcycles and having fun.He will be missed Paul Brandt

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Paul Morris

September 13, 2005

One of our oldest friends has lost his fight with cancer.Paul was only 47 and just started back into motorcycling after retiring early from his successful restaurant business. He will be greatly missed.

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Clarence Gatemouth Brown

September 10, 2005

Weakened by lung cancer and devastated by the destruction of his beloved New Orleans, guitarist Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown died in Texas on Saturday. Brown, 81, won a blues Grammy in 1982 for his album Alright Again! and was a pioneering electric guitar player who helped make the instrument a centrepiece of popular American music. Early in his 60-year career, he was a drummer for blues legend T-Bone Walker and a friend of Lightnin’ Hopkins, but he also played jazz, country, big band, rhythm-and-blues and Cajun. His longtime keyboard player, Joe Krown, said Brown had evacuated to his brother’s home in Orange, Texas, just before Hurricane Katrina struck. Brown was diagnosed with cancer last year but news that Katrina had ruined New Orleans and destroyed his home in Slidell was the final blow, Krown said. “There was nothing to go back to. He lost the will to live. Brown, born in 1924 in Vinton, Louisiana, but raised in Orange, came from a musical family and played guitar, fiddle, mandolin, viola, harmonica and drums. A teacher said his deep voice sounded like a swinging gate, which led to the nickname “Gatemouth”. His most popular album was Standing My Ground (1989). Most of Brown’s career memorabilia was lost.”The only thing they saved was his legendary Firebird guitar,” said Krown.

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March 24, 2005

Lester “Mack” Wilson, 60, suffered multiple chest injuries when his 1992 Harley Davidson collided with a 1991 Ford Tempo driven by Jennifer Milburn, 33, of Jesup, around 7:36 p.m.

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Cherie McArthur and Cathleen Carter

January 5, 2005

eadly Drunk Driving Crash 1/4/2005 By Heather Sorentrue/WCJB TV20 News Friends of the victims are consumed with pain and anger that a repeat offender was once again out on the road. The two women were heading home on their motorcycle Sunday night, after spending a day at the beach. But, their day and lives came to a crashing halt when they crossed paths with Randy Morin of Satsuma. Florida Highway Patrol troopers say Morin was driving east on State Road 100 when he slammed up against the guard rail, then swerved across the road and struck the cement wall. Seconds later Cheri McArthur and Cathleen Carter crashed into the car and the force tossed them from the motorcycle. Both women were taken to the hospital and died from their injuries. Word of the crash spread at the coffee shop the two women owned together. “What can be more devastating then to lose two of your closest friends, you know, and what can make you more angry than to know it was because of a drunk driver and not just somebody once, but a man who drinks and drives habitually,” says Cate Miller, a friend of the victims. FHP Spokesperson Bill Leeper says Morin has three DUI convictions on his record and he hasn’t had a license since the mid 90’s. “These two people weren’t in an accident. Really they were murdered,” says Miller. It’s a painful blow to this tight-knit group that compares Cheri and Cathleen’s coffee shop to a place like “Cheers.” A make-shift memorial now surrounds the statue that serves as the shop’s landmark. “I just wept. I’ve never seen this particular statue represent so much heart for a person we all loved so much,” says Kirsten Engstrom, who sculpted the statue when the shop opened. Troopers say blood alcohol tests show Morin was at almost two times the legal limit. Some of the charges against him are two counts of DUI manslaughter, two counts of vehicular homicide, misdemeanor DUI, careless driving, and driving with a revoked license. On Tuesday, Morin remained at the Putnam County Jail on a $50,000 bail.

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Francisco Perez

September 17, 2004

CONCORD – Mr. Francisco Perez, 52, 1106 Hanover St., died Friday, Sept. 17, 2004, in Bryan Texas. Mr. Perez was born July 24, 1952, to the late Rosa Galindo and Oscar Perez. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 11 a.m. at Saint James Catholic Church. Father Edward Gray will officiate. The family will receive friends Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Hartsell Funeral Home, Concord. Mr. Perez was a member of St. James Catholic Church. He was a computer analyst for Wachovia Bank. He is survived by his wife, Ana C. Bacigalupi Perez, Concord; four daughters, Jennifer Perez, Florida, Patricia Perez, Charlotte, Sarah Marie Gillespie, Charlotte, and Cristina Perez of the home; five sisters, Mercedes Suarez, Florida, Aurora Perez, New York, Regla Gonzoles, Florida, Dolores Perez, Cuba, and Mercedes Perez, Cuba. Memorials may be made to Bikers Against Drunk Drivers (BADD), 2665 N. Atlantic Ave. Suite 126, Daytona Beach, FL 32118. Hartsell Funeral Home, Concord is serving the family.

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Eric John VanderMay

August 18, 2004

Eric John VanderMay age 33 of Denver ,Colorado, Died August 18 as a result of a hit and run accident.The driver was drunk,had numerous DUI’s,no license and no insurance.Eric will be remembered by his family and friends for his Love of Life and Love of friends.His motto was Have a good time all the time.

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Police Officer Michael P. Gordon

August 8, 2004

On Sunday August 8, 2004 at 05:45 am, while on duty, Police Officer Michael P. Gordon along with his partner, Probationary Police Officer Dalcason were involved in a motor vehicle accident, and were hit by a drunk driver. Both officers were ejected from the patrol car. Officer Gordon died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident. He left behind a wife Guin Gordon and 4 beautiful children. Officer John Dalcason survived with injuries.

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David Fintonis

August 8, 2004

David Fintonis Forever 4 years old: Killed by a drunk driver

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Kaci Tayler Tanner

June 28, 2004

Killed By A Drunk Driver December 3 1987 – June 28th 2004

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Stanley R. Williams

June 22, 2004

Stanley Williams, 46, was killed by an impaired driver while riding his Harley home from work October 10, 2003. He had loved and rode motorcycles since he was a teenager. The summer of 2003, he had fixed-up his Harley just how he wanted it and had only had it back a few weeks prior to his death. “Stan the Man with the Holy Ghost Plan,” as his friends called him, was a great Christian man. He was a wonderful husband, father, papa, brother, and son who is greatly missed by so many. Stanley R. Williams May 18, 1957-October 10, 2003 submitted by his daughter Becky

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Jason Stern

May 10, 2004

By MARCELA ROJAS AND ERNIE GARCIA THE JOURNAL NEWS (Original publication: May 10, 2004) YONKERS — More than 100 friends and family members came together yesterday to say goodbye to Jason Stern, a 36-year-old who was riding his motorcycle last week when he was fatally struck by a vehicle on the Saw Mill River Parkway. The memorial service was held at Stern’s business, T-Shirt Printing, a screen-printing factory at 25 Saw Mill River Road. Stern, a screen printer since the age of 14, made T-shirts for concerts and charity events, including March of Dimes fund-raisers and the Aids Walk. At the service, everyone wore one of Stern’s creations. “The essence of Jason was his work,” his sister, Mara Stern, said yesterday. “He spent a tremendous amount of time there and his friends and family identified that place with him.” Mara Stern, her mother and her brother traveled from Florida on Saturday for the memorial and were staying at Jason Stern’s Yonkers apartment, which he shared with his girlfriend. “People flew in from all over the country to be here,” Mara Stern said. “He was the kind of guy that was loved by everyone.” Stern was traveling north on the Saw Mill when a 2000 GMC truck struck him at the Lawrence Street crossing in Dobbs Ferry at 8:30 p.m. Friday. The truck’s driver, Thomas Grady, 66, of Doylestown, Pa., was charged with driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor, Westchester County police said. Grady was arraigned Saturday in Yonkers City Court. He was being held in the Westchester County jail with bail set at $15,000. Information on whether Grady posted bail yesterday was unavailable. Additional charges may be brought against Grady, pending results of his blood tests, Lt. Henry Cetina said. Police are continuing to interview witnesses, he said. Stern will be cremated and his ashes sprinkled on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Stern, a native of Bardonia who has lived in Yonkers for more than 10 years, also lived in North Conway, N.H., and would return there often on vacation. “It was one of his favorite places. It was very special to him,” Mara Stern said. “He would go there at any time of the year.”

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April 7, 2004

Ronato was BADD`s auto mechanic and all around supporter since 1975.He died in hospital from heart complications

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Bernie May

March 18, 2004

Bernie May was one of the original directors of BADD.He showed up at every meeting and ride. No matter the weather Bernie was always ready to ride the hell out of his Harley. Bernie lived life to the MAX and even came back from a quad heart operation in L.A. where he died for a bit on the table only to continue riding and enjoying life for another 10 years. Bernie my brother you will be missed

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Bill Smith Director BADD

March 7, 2004

Bill Smith has lost his fight with lung cancer. Bill was the driving force behind BADD`s expansion into the U.S. and set up the meetings with our national attorney Michael Politis and major sponsor Randy Epling of Highlander Entertainment Complex both have become major reasons for our success and growth the past year. Bill was excited about our national tour and worked very hard at several events right up to Sturgis where he was at his best despite ailing. Later the same month his sickness came out while in the higher elevations of Colorado when he was forced to return home. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Bill will be greatly missed by all of us at BADD and we honor him by naming our memorial section after him.

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Ryan Weltz

December 27, 2003
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Jim Bridges

December 23, 2003

First, thank you Kid Rock I know your influence and appeal to so many will help. I am here on Christmas writing about my brother’s fate and how I had to read this in the paper (Sacramento, CA Bee) and not be able to drag this man to our land of hell without a family member who meant so much while trying to provide our daughter and family with a Christmas. And there is nothing like kids only wanting their daddy back for Christmas to rip your heart out forever.

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Jim Barfield

October 30, 2003

My lifelong friend Jim Barfield was struck from behind and killed by a drunk driver. It had been his lifelong dream to own a Harley Davidson, and he’d not had the bike for even twenty-four hours when he was run down at a redlight. Instead of Jim attending his first Bike Night at the Loose Moose Saloon on Monday night, we were having his visitation at the funeral home. He hadn’t had the time to introduce himself to the local riding community, and none of the local bikers even knew his name until they read it in the paper. It is indeed a shame that they never had the pleasure; he was a fine, fine man, and would have been an great asset to the riding community. He leaves behind a fiancee, the four children he raised all alone as a single father, and scores of grieving friends. Joe Day

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Ted G. Cox

October 5, 2003

In Memory of Ted G. Cox. I am writing to you because a good friend was killed by a drunk driver Sunday Oct 5th, 2003. We would greatly appreciate it if you would put his memory on your site. Ted G. Cox, born June 2nd,1953 was taken from us on October 5th , 2003 at 12:30 am, by a 22 year old driving under the influence of alcohol and methanphetmines. He was travelling in excess of 80mph and struck Teddy from behind as he slowed for a set of railroad tracks; he was killed on Karcher Rd, Nampa, Idaho. The 22yr old kid had a pending DUI, that he hadn’t even gone to court for yet. Teddy was an awesome righteous man and left behind many family and friends. He was taken from us way too soon . We all love you and miss you Teddy. Your memory will not be forgotten.

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David, Deseray, Donald and Mickey Moore

July 13, 2003

On July 13 2003 my son David and daughter Deseray were killed along with their Father Donald and his brother Mickey by a drunk driver on interstate 85 in Opelika Alabama.The drunk driver got on 85 going the wrong way and hit my family head on and killing everybody,including himself.David was 14 years old.1 month away from being 15 and Deseray was 13.They were my only children and will be my only children,I can not have any more children.A day does not go by with out them on my mind.Forever in my heart and my memories. I love them so much and miss them terribly.Some days I think my heart is going to explode.Some say it gets easier but to me it doesn’t get easier it gets barely bearable to me and it has been 4 years for me……..My father was killed due to a motorcycle wreck in 1977.I was 5 years old.He was drinking.he was hit by a truck and died of head trauma on the way to the hospital.He lived 10 minutes before he mother was killed due to a car wreck.I was 7 years old.she was drinking.She died instantly..David and Deseray were killed instantly and so was their father and uncle.

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Nicole Burns

May 8, 2003

A New Day, A New Cure Thirty minutes is not any great length of time. It only takes 30 minutes to get a decent workout at the gym, watch your favorite sitcom, or do the evening dishes. In America , every 30 minutes one person dies as a result of drunk driving ( “Traffic safety Facts“, NCSA ). Think about it; that is an average of 48 people per day! Across the United States enough people die in DUI related crashes in one day to fill the seats in nearly two and a half elementary school classrooms. This is a serious problem that is plaguing the US with huge death tolls, which have continued to rise. In light of this fact, it is crucial to create nationwide regulations that work conjunctively with each state to effectively eliminate drunk driving. Driving while intoxicated is a reckless and irresponsible action, and an action that is completely preventable. Drunk driving is so deadly that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Vital Statistics Report (VNSR) in 2003 more people died as a result of drunk driving than from HIV. Although many states have established laws that attempt to curb these numbers, people continue to die at staggering rates. President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a conservative research and education center, Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. (Llewellyn H. Rockwell “Drunk Driving Should Be Legalized“ Opposing Viewpoints) argues that drunk driving should not be illegal. Rockwell claims that to punish a drunk driver is to penalize before an actual crime is committed. There are no facts to substantiate his claim. The purpose of penalizing a drunk driver is the prevention of further and more serious crimes, as is the point of many other punishable crimes. A perfect example of this would be if a man were to recklessly wave a loaded gun in the direction of a crowd of people. This man did not kill anyone, but he did endanger the lives of many innocent people, which is a crime. Consequently, this man would be punished to ensure the safety of the people. Studies done by NHTSA show that the majority of DUI fatalities are caused by first time offenders; therefore, the key to both cases is prevention. It is far better to seek prevention of a dangerous action than to mourn the death of a loved one. Rockwell continues his claims, stating that a person under the influence of alcohol actually drives better while intoxicated. It is his belief that a person who has been drinking is highly aware of his intoxicated state and as a result pays more attention to his driving. If this were actually the case, there would be far fewer, if any, alcohol related crashes. In reality, a person with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08 has delayed reaction time of up to 50% and consequently would be unable to avoid an accident even if he saw it coming. This has been proven by countless studies done by the NHTSA regarding the dangerous effects of driving while intoxicated. The U.S. Department Of Transportation states that in2003 (Jeanne Mejeur, “Still Driving Drunk” ) over 17,000 people nationwide were killed and more than 258,000 were injured as a result of drunk drivers. Despite the efforts of lawmakers, death tolls have been on the rise for the past three years. Sadly, drunk driving does not discriminate because more innocent people die than drunk drivers do. Passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists all fall prey to this treacherous act, representing nearly 59% of the deaths related to alcohol crashes. ( “Traffic safety Facts“, NCSA ) Tragically, in 2003, 21% of all children under the age of 14 who were killed in motor vehicle accidents were victims of drunk drivers. (“Traffic Safety facts 2003” NHTSA) While the total number of deaths per state varies considerably, several states have a markedly higher DUI related death rate than many other states. For example, Texas has the highest death toll numbering 1,709 people in 2003, while California is in a very close second with 1,626. That is an average of 4 to 5 people killed in each state every single day! Not trailing far behind is the state of Florida, accruing 1,274 deaths. (National Center for Statistics and Analysis, “Crash*Stats“ )These numbers far exceed the death rates for the remaining 48 states. There is no other state that even comes close to these devastating numbers. The most puzzling aspect of these statistics is that each of the top three states is a participant of a program referred to as SE, or Special Emphasis. The states involved in the SE program put extra effort and funding into anti-drunk driving campaigns. The high increase in death tolls clearly show that state laws are not strict enough, nor are they being properly enforced. This is a combination that is proving to be deadly. In the state of New Jersey DUI is not even considered a crime, (Criminal Status of Drunk driving Laws NCSL, July 2003 ), yet 36% of the state’s auto related fatalities are associated with alcohol. The problem continues on. For example, a man in Georgia killed five innocent people while driving on a suspended license. It was later discovered his license had been revoked in three other states due to drunk driving. As a result, he moved to Georgia to start a new life. In California a man drove his pickup truck through the front doors of a preschool injuring a little girl and killing a 24-year-old preschool teacher. She was the single mother of two small children. The driver had three prior DUI convictions and had attended classes intended to prevent him from repeating this offense. He destroyed countless lives that day in a matter of seconds. It is in situations such as these that stricter and well enforced laws could have prevented the deaths of innocent people. Recent studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation have shown that 75% of repeat offenders were arrested while driving on a suspended license. It is plainly obvious that suspending a driver’s license is not the answer. If a national database was created that was interwoven between the court system and the DMV it would protect innocent people from deadly effects of drunk driving. Within the current system, there are many loopholes that enable drunk driving to continue. For instance, in order to effectively charge a person suspected of driving while intoxicated with a DUI, he must submit to a breathalyzer test, yet the offender has the legal right to refuse this test. Only a handful of states consider the refusal of a breathalyzer test to be a crime as serious as DUI. In most states, refusing a breathalyzer test results in the mere suspension of the individual’s driver’s license. This is not nearly as severe as the consequences for an actual DUI; therefore, opting to refuse the test is much more appealing to the offender. This poses many problems. First of all, the offender does not have to worry about a DUI on his record causing his insurance rates to rise, nor does he need to worry that a previous DUI will affect his sentencing should he receive yet another. Furthermore, the driver is physically free to continue to drive his vehicle on a suspended license. While it is possible for a driver to be arrested for drunk driving after forgoing a breathalyzer test, the arrest is not nearly as successful. When the driver fails the field sobriety test, he can be arrested, yet without the results of a breath test a jury is less likely to convict the offender. In cases such as these, many drunk drivers are either acquitted, or receive plea bargains and are charged with lesser crimes. In the worst cases, the charges are dropped altogether. In light of cases such as these, a few states have begun to work at ironing out the most common loop holes. In February of 1999 the Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani, decided it was time to experiment with a more aggressive approach. In this new tactic, should a person be caught driving while under the influence, his car was confiscated. There was no leniency, even if this was a first offense. Not only did this method remove a deadly weapon from the roadways; it served as a costly deterrent to other drivers. The success of this program was revealed when the DUI’s in this city dropped by 18 percent and DUI arrests fell 24 percent in comparison to the previous year.( Rudolph Giuliani, “All Drunk Drivers Should Lose Their Cars” ) When New York implemented a severe and consistent punishment for this crime, fatalities began to decrease. The United States as a whole needs to follow New York’s lead. It is essential that a driver’s license is viewed as a privilege, not a right. Just as a felon’s right to bear arms is taken away for committing a crime, a drunk driver should lose the right to drive. When the nation joins together to put an end to this senseless act by enforcing strict and consistent laws, only then will we see a steady decline in the senseless deaths of our loved ones. In an effort to prevent this horrendous crime, a nationally united database must be put into action. Organizing a national database to register drunk drivers would ensure that the lives of others would not be at risk due to repeat offenders. This new program, with strict guidelines, would guarantee that moving from place to place would not allow the renewal of a offender’s driver’s license. Under the strategy of the new program, a first time offender would have his car impounded. Furthermore, an ignition lock must be installed, at the owner’s expense, before the car can be returned. A person convicted of a subsequent offense would not be allowed to own a vehicle. At the time of conviction, any vehicles owned by the offender would be confiscated and sold to fund the National Drunk Driving Database, NDD. The NDD will aide in consistent consequences as well as preventing repeat offenders from slipping through the legal cracks. Before a person is allowed to buy a car or receive/renew a driver’s license his name and social security number will be entered into the NDD. Should the name appear in the database as a drunk driver, the license, vehicle purchase or registration will be denied. This is a positive and effective technique to conquering this crime. Drunk driving is an increasing epidemic in the United States. It is time to stop this madness. According to the National Traffic Commission, an estimated 1 in 5 families will be affected by drunk driving at some point in their lives. The fatality statistics are not just numbers; they are mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, and friends. Each and every person was loved and cherished. They should not have died; it was not their time. Many of these victims would be standing here today if only for stricter laws and the use of common sense. It is time America took a stand against this ignorance and provided unyielding consequences for this inexcusable crime.

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Peter James

January 19, 2003

My name is Gloria James. On January 19th, 2003, my only child, my 22 year old son Peter was killed 6 blocks from our home by a drunk driver. At the time of his death he had a Cd out and was becoming well known in our area as a young urban poet. I recently was going along on the computer when I found your organization. Thank you for all you do. I am an elementary school teacher and would like any information you can send me on your work in this area. Also, if you could please send me information on fund raisers and other things your group does. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do for all of us who are touched by this horror on a daily basis. Sincerely, Gloria James

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James Andrews

October 1, 2002

James Andrews, 32, died after the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a pickup truck about 6:30 p.m., according to state police in Millbrook, New York. The man that hit him is in jail, facing manslaughter and drunken driving charges.

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Edward J. Uhl

September 15, 2002

On September 15, 2002 my father Edward J. Uhl was on his way home when a truck failing to yield the right of way hit him head on, killing him. The person who did this got the maximum penalty for traffic infractions in N.Y., which was a $100 fine and 15 days in jail. He was even driving with a restricted license for a DUI he received not even a year before. He should not have even been on the road. He was never even charged for the death of my father. Yet our family was given a life sentence.

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Michael E. Balduf

August 23, 2002

Michael E. Balduf 55 years old, of Lake Worth, Florida, died on Friday, August 23, 2002 as the result of a motorcycle accident.

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David Fintonis

September 30, 2001

Crash Anniversary: September 30, 2001 On September 30, 2001, I, Christina Fintonis, my husband, David Macduff/Fintonis,and our two children David J. Macduff/Fintonis, age 4, and Kelsey Macduff/Fintonis, age 3, were in our car sitting at a red light. When we got the green light, my husband proceeded into the intersection. The drunk driver came crashing into us on the driver’s side of our car. He hit us so hard he pushed our car up on the sidewalk through a light pole and into a local bank parking lot. My husband and son were on the driver’s side where we got hit. My husband and daughter were on life support for a month. My son, David, died about an hour-and-a-half after the crash. I survived the crash with a broken collar bone and a concussion and was released from the hospital a few hours later. Then I had to go to another hospital were my husband and daughter were taken and stayed there with them. My daughter was finally released a few days before Halloween, and my husband wasn’t released until November 15, 2001. Our family, friends, and my son David’s friends miss him dearly and hope that drunk drivers will finally have the punishment they deserve! Hopefully, people will think twice before they drink and drive.

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Zachary Lyle Seidlitz

July 20, 2001

Zach was born on September 18th 1983. His life was ended on July 20 2001 at 17 years of age. Zach was the passenger in a car and killed in a car crash. Zach was a person who loved life.

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Megan Blong, Amanda Geiger, Shana Lawler and Angela

April 6, 1999

On Tuesday April 6th, 1999, the communities of Kill Devil Hills, NC and Burlington County NJ were shattered by a terrible car crash. A drunken driver with a previous history of drunk driving arrests ran a red light in Kill Devil Hills and slammed into a car carrying five teenagers. One of the teens lived in NC, the other four had come from Burlington County, NJ, to visit. The teenagers Megan Blong, Amanda Geiger, Shana Lawler, and Angela McGrady all died as a result of the crash. Mike Horner received serious injuries, but survived. The drunken driver received minor injuries and was charged with DWI and other offenses.

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Kenneth W. Birdwell

October 25, 1998

Kenneth W. Birdwell was killed by a drunk driver on October 25, 1998. He was riding his motorcycle when he was hit; the driver of the other vehicle said he never saw him. Ken was killed instantly. He is survived by his wife, Debbi, and two sons, Jason, 23, and Steve, 19.

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Barry Peterkin

November 23, 1996

On thanksgiving weekend in 1996 I was 15 years old. I had woke up and found out that my father was killed in a car accident. The accident was caused by drunk driving. My father who was the passenger in a vehicle that was being operated by a drunk driver who was apparently friends with my father suddenly smashed into a telephone poll on a side street in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. My father had flew out the window and was killed instantly. When the cops arrived to the scene the driver of the vehicle had the nerve to try to place the keys into my dead fathers hand while my fathers body lays on the street dead just to make the cops think that my father was driving the vehicle. It turns out that my father was getting a ride home from a party with someone he did not really know well and paid the price. The reason why BADD is such an important organization to me is because my father had a love for motorcycles and loved his 1973 Shovelhead which I now own and charish. He babied that bike and lived the biker lifestyle, he had a passion for riding and would park it in the living room during the winter. I will always remember him and I thank BADD for having such a good cause. Last year I had found out that the guy who killed my father had been out of jail for awhile and recentley did the same thing to another family. It turns out that the guy who killed my father while driving drunk did not learn and killed another innocent victim while he was driving drunk again. This As*h*l* (Jeffery Dressler, you can delete his name if you want) did not learn and unfortunetly another family had to suffer when he hit and killed their family member. This makes Jefferey Dressler the only person in Canadian history to kill 2 people on 2 seperate different occausions by drunk driving. I also heard he maybe the only person in the world to have done this. A long time has passed and my tattoo artist and myself would like to share a few memorial pieces he has done on my arm that are dedicated to my father. Steve at Thrive studios in Kitchener, Ontario really worked wonders with this tattoo and I highly reccommend him for not just for biker tattoos but any tattoos. Steve drew up this shovelhead motor that was my fathers and wrote my fathers initials and dates in the motor with a script undernete saying ride in peaces. Thank you Steve you out did your self again and my father would be amazed with your work. Ride in Peace: Barry Peterkin

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Quinn A Smith

April 13, 1995

15 Years Old

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Patricia Lynn Uhl

October 14, 1989

On October 14, 1989 my mother Patricia Lynn Uhl was killed in a motorcycle accident when a drunk driver hit her and her boyfriend, I was 7. My mother was killed instantly, and her boyfriend had multiple injuries and lost his leg. The man who did this served 3 years to our life sentence. To make matters worse he was in the news paper for a DWI less than a month after my father was killed. There was an article in the paper about mother and her boyfriend and how he had been drinking and driving the night he hit them and killed my mother. Because more than 10 years past they could not do anything about it. I also had an uncle who was killed in a motorcycle accident before I was born, when a truck ran a stop sign.This is proof we need better and harsher laws to protect bikers and there families! Great Job with your site! Sincerely, Amanda East

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Angela Schroeder

September 27, 1980

Hi Danny, my daughter died in 1980 september 27th by drunk irresponsible driver that was drunk and reckless, she was only 16 her name Angela Schroeder,she was a passenger,he’s never shown any remorse,she’s in heaven in God’s hands,my name is Judy Penner Morden,Manitoba, CanadaR6M 1H6

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Tammy Sue Williams

December 15, 1979

IN MEMORY OF TAMMY SUE WILLIAMS 09-15-61 ——— 12-15-79 State of Florida Hillsborough County Tampa. Florida Williams’s are from North Caroline, Tammy was Born in Virginia, Her Rest Place Hillsborough, City of Tampa. Tammy was a passenger in 1978 Chevrolet, Black Z-28. DRIVER was 70/MPH. and had a BAC 0.159 MG %, DUI. COUNTY and STATE – NO TICKET AND NO ARREST. WHY ? SINCERELY, BOBBY W. WILLIAMS, Sr. PROSEMAN6@AOL.COM

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Kim Burkitt

October 25, 1973

Killed by a drunk truck driver in the Laurentians.

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